Established in 2004, Golden Gate Int’l Development Company limited is a company running successfully and having good popularity in various business fields.

Being a enormous firm, it is running construction business throughout the country with a pretty success. Manpower of 2000 daily paid wonders permanent staff and 200 technicians are employed. The company has been implementing construction projects, road & bridge projects, historic projects given by the country and social affairs using effort and power of efficient staff.

The company practices a motto which says: People are working together in a committed way to achieve a common goal or mission. The work is interdependent and team members share responsibility and themselves accountable for attaining the results. “Nowadays it could be seen that the economic business are booming and thriving successfully due to the utilization of the market-oriented systems in the State’s economy”.

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Our company will preserve and continue the achievement for centuries with the full notion for the sake of the country, the people and society based on the efficient and effective human resources.